Trade Shows

Streamlining Trade Show Experiences with Keepsy

Trade shows are bustling events where managing displays, samples, and inventory can be daunting. Keepsy offers a dynamic solution for exhibitors and attendees alike, simplifying inventory management and enhancing the overall trade show experience.

Trade Shows

The Challenge

Navigating the complexity of trade shows often involves tracking numerous items, from promotional materials to product samples. Traditional methods can be cumbersome, leading to mismanagement and missed opportunities. Keepsy addresses these issues by providing an efficient, organized approach.

Our Solution

  • Easily catalog trade show items and samples with photos for quick reference and inventory management.
  • Share item catalogs with team members for seamless coordination and access during the show.
  • Use Keepsy to track and manage follow-ups on leads and inquiries post-event.

The Challenge of Managing Inventory at Trade Shows

At trade shows, keeping track of inventory, promotional materials, and contacts is crucial yet challenging. The fast-paced environment requires a system that is both efficient and easily accessible to ensure smooth operations and effective follow-ups.

Keepsy: Enhancing Trade Show Efficiency

Keepsy streamlines the trade show experience by providing an easy way to catalog and manage items. Whether it's promotional goods or product samples, Keepsy's photo cataloging feature allows for quick documentation and retrieval of information.

Collaboration and Post-Event Follow-Up

Sharing information with team members during trade shows is crucial. Keepsy facilitates this by allowing multiple users to access and update the item catalog. Post-event, Keepsy serves as a valuable tool for managing leads and inquiries, ensuring no opportunities are missed.


Keepsy revolutionizes the way exhibitors and attendees navigate trade shows. By offering a streamlined method for inventory management and collaboration, Keepsy ensures a more productive and less stressful trade show experience, allowing users to focus on building connections and growing their business.

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